Guide to Update & Install HTC Sensation with EyeCandy AOKP ROM

Here comes an AOPK update, well you might not know, but AOKP is based on Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 which has lots of features and improvements. It’s now AOPK build 33 which is the latest version of this ROM and it’s now released for HTC Sensation and we would be checking out a detailed tutorial to apply this update in due course of article. This ROM has new features and some bugs but it won’t affect your experience. So, let us move on to the tutorial along with detailed pre-requisites.

Disclaimer: This is to make aware to all readers that neither we, nor the developer would be responsible for any damage that takes place to your device while following the instructions that we would be sharing. Although it’s very rare to have any damage to your device while following the instructions mentioned in this article, but still if any issues take place, we would try to find out the possible solution to the soonest.



Pre-requisites to Update & Install HTC Sensation with EyeCandy AOKP ROM

  •  Make sure that the device on which you are applying this update is HTC Sensation and not any other device by HTC or any other company.
  • We recommend you to backup all your contacts, back, logs, etc. with Backup apps.
  • You can import your data to your phone’s SD card and later on you can export it back.
  •  Make sure that your phone has sufficient battery, at least 80% before you apply the update because if your phone will get switched off between of the time you are applying the update and you won’t be able to update your device and even you could face several issues like your phone gets DEAD and we won’t be responsible for that.
  •  Enable USB debugging on your phone. Follow the path Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and USB debugging would be enabled on your mobile device.
  • Also uninstall your antivirus suites in your computer as well as on your mobile phone so that update process may not get interrupted meanwhile.
  •  Make sure to follow all the instructions mentioned below properly.



Steps to Update & Install HTC Sensation with EyeCandy AOKP ROM

  •  Important! Ensure that your device must have S-Off and also make sure vthat Bootloader is unlocked in your device.
  •  First of all, download the AOKP ROM to your Computer.
  •  Connect your device to Computer with USB cable.
  • Place the downloaded file in your Phone.
  • Disconnect your phone by removing USB cable.
  • Turn off your phone so as to enter into CWM recovery.
  • To enter the same, press and hold Volume Down + Power Button which will reach you to HBOOT menu where you need to press Volume down to enter into recovery option and then press Power key to activate it.
  •  Now you need to perform a wipe by selecting ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and ‘wipe cache’ on the next screen.
  •  Now return to the main recovery menu and select ‘install ZIP from SD card’ and then ‘Choose ZIP from SD card’ and then select the AOPK ROM which you placed in your device earlier.
  • The ROM would start installing and would complete it few minutes.
  •  After it’s done, select the option of ‘Go back’ and then ‘reboot System now’.
  • You’re done.

You have successfully installed EyeCandy AOKP ROM on HTC Sensation.

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