Guide to Update ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM Firmware on Galaxy Y S5360

Tutorial to Update ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM Firmware on Galaxy Y S5360 All Samsung Galaxy Y S5380users have something to cheer up as we got interesting news fir them as they can now roll their sleeves to update their mobile device with the newly released Finest Rom firmware which is dubbed as ICS Aura V1. Also, readers need to be aware that this isn’t an official update by Samsung Electronics and we are pretty sure that neither there would be any official update for the same. This ROM has many features, improvements and stability too. We would be checking out a tutorial for the same and before that you need to be aware about the pre-requisites which you need to follow before applying this update.


Pr-requisites to Update ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with

  • Firstly make sure that the device on which you are accommodating this update is Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and not any other device by Samsung or any other company.
  • Make sure that your battery is charged up to 80% before you apply the update because if your phone will get switched off between of the time you are applying the update and you won’t be able to update your device and even you could face several issues like your phone gets DEAD and we won’t be responsible for that.
  • We recommend you to backup of all your contacts, call logs and messages. Well, you can take backup to your SD card and later on import it back.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone. Follow the path Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and USB debugging would be enabled on your mobile device.
  • Also make sure to disable all antivirus suites and Firewall on your PC so that the updating process may not get interrupted meanwhile.
  • Also follow the instructions mentioned below properly.


Steps to Update Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM Firmware

  • Download ICS Aura v1 ROM firmware package from here directly to your computer. After downloading this ZIP package, connect your phone to the computer with the original USB cable and place the zip file in your phone’s SD card.
  • Now you need disconnect your phone from the PC by removing the USB Cable and turn it off so that we can enter it into recovery mode.
  • Recovery mode in this device can be entered by pressing Volume UP button+ OK button + Power button till you see the recovery mode screen on your phone.
  • After your device gets into recovery mode, select “install zip from SD card” and then select “choose zip from SD card”, Now you have select the ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM firmware package which you had placed in your device earlier.
  • Well, the update process would complete in few minutes and once it gets completed, it will land again to the recovery screen.
  • In the recovery screen, you need to select “++++ Go Back ++++” and then option of “reboot system now” to restart your phone.
  • So, congrats, you are done with applying this update.

You have successfully updated Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM Firmware.  

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12 thoughts on “Guide to Update ICS Aura V1 Custom ROM Firmware on Galaxy Y S5360

  1. it makes the phone very slow and returnes dialog boxes saying that the application has stopped working and overall the phone has slowed down never install this as it colud harm yur phone

  2. i did the same.. but after reboot .., “stopped working. force close” dialogues are coming in bunch!! what to do??? dailer.., zeem launcher… like that everything stopped working and asking to close them

  3. I also tried to upgrade galaxy y from android 2.3 to ICS aura v1 rom, initially thrown as upgrade complete enjoy etc., however facing problem , asked force close several apps, finally restored factory data , it still sucks. keep rebooting. No use to upgrade, cant rollback.

    Please write if you could have any solution.

  4. if the phone is rebooting again and again.., u need to reinstall the stock rom (android 2.3.6 firmware) usind odin software from computer thru USB..

    if ur phone isnt working …., u can contact me –> e.rajeev at ilve(.)com

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